Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Art Of Selling: My Dior S/S 12 Campaign

Raquel Zimmerman for My Dior, Fine Jewelry

Stunning would be the word I would use to describe this picture, shot by the fabulous Steven Meisel. Dior has chosen to do a series of jewelry looks for their new My Dior fine jewelry line. I love the simplicity to the styling, the makeup, the hair, in this first image. Simply stunning. I think this is a job well done, the jewelry stands out, and isn't competing with itself for attention, each has its place. The look is relatable, and gives the consumer a sense of possibility. This could be you! 
Now here is where it gets tricky.

With each new set of jewelry, the makeup, hairstyle and feel to the image changes. Which under different circumstances would be a fabulous idea. However, as beautiful as the aforementioned image is, I don't think it sells the jewelry as much as the previous shot. The jewelry is too similar in both cases, so the images will always be compared. Raquel looks stunning, but the jewelry doesn't pop as much with this look.

This feels very Dior to me, elegant and interesting with an old world classicism to it. This image works better than the previous one because their is a hint of difference to the jewelry. I love the addition of the stones to the beautiful weave. Though the hair and makeup might be fighting a bit for attention with the jewelry, the image still stands out as striking and intriguing.

The final image hearkens back to the original, and though beautiful, not as eye-catching as the first image in the series. I do love the simplicity to the look, but here it might have gone overboard into too simple. The jewelry has such elegance to it, a little more effort to the hair would have been better suited. Overall, it is an interesting campaign that will definitely catch the eye of the consumer. The repetition of the cuff and ring combo will certainly make its make mark by the end of the series and leave the audience wanting more. Perhaps enough to buy? Here's hoping. 

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Photos courtesy of Dior

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