Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Print Style: Lauren Conrad for Glamour Magazine, May 2012

Hey there Lauren! Haven't seen you in a minute, how's that post reality life treating you?

GLAMOUR: People often say that reality stars are famous for doing nothing. Did you feel like you had to prove yourself?

LAUREN CONRAD: I did, and it was very frustrating because I almost wanted to send critics my weekly schedule and say, “This is my ‘nothing.’ ” I would film all day, and then I had several other businesses on the side: In the last season I was running a clothing line and writing a novel. I work really, really hard.

Here's the editorial of the day, Lauren Conrad on the latest pages of Glamour Magazine. It is a bright, summery, absolutely Californian style. But how can it not be with Lauren Conrad as the model, she oozes California chill in all the best ways. There are some lovely pieces interspersed with static styling here, and that makes for a questionable series oftentimes. Let's take a look shall we?

Glamour Magazine, May 2012
Photos by Peggy Sirota
Fashion Editor, Maggie Mann

Bikini, Malia Mills; gold necklace, Tiffany & Co.

Simplicity at its best, or rather the retelling of Bardot, a how to manual. In the end, this look lets Lauren shine, and that's all that matters. Although, I'm sure an earring wouldn't have hurt...

Bodysuit, Rochas; gold bangle, Tiffany & Co.

I would have loved to have seen a spot more jewelry here, maybe even an ankle bracelet. Bring back the hippie, boho chic vibe of Lauren's heyday in small doses. Further down, the second photograph of this look is in one take more flattering of the girl and the bodysuit. This one seems like a throwaway, and in a short series of 7, that's not good.

Top, skirt, Miu Miu; gold bangles, from top: Tiffany & Co., Gucci; heels, Jerome C. Rousseau.

What an adorable outfit, from the statement shoes to the simple jewelry. Cut outs have been big this past season, and instead of going out, they have morphed into other means of expression. Case in point, the belly baring trend sweeping the celebrity nation. I have to say, I love it here. Upon first glance it reads as one dress, another look shows its intricacy. Love the mix of scale as well. Brava, Miu Miu.

Sweater, shorts, Bill Blass; wedges, Oscar de la Renta

A classic look for the modern woman. Audrey Hepburn meets Laguna Beach, who knew. I have seen this combination of striped sweater paired with shorts and heels or wedges too many times to count. The retread is getting old by now, come on people. Wake up. By the way, I would kill for those shoes. Just sayin'.

Dress, Paper Crown; hat, Eric Javits; heels, LC Lauren Conrad.

This is the only one that really falls flat for me. Did you hear the kerplunk? It's also the one look in the series that is actually styled in some minute way, and unfortunately it is the worst in the bunch. There are too many trends fighting with each other rather than playing nicely together. I think the proportions are too askew for it to actually sing. A longer skirt, perhaps just below the knee, and flared would have made it come together in a more harmonious way. I would have loved to have seen some fifties inspired shades as well, as there are undertones to that era in this series and in fashion these days. That, and it would have brought the look together. As it is, ehhh.

Bodysuit, Rochas; gold bangle, Tiffany & Co.

And there it is folks, the old school swimsuits of the 1950s are definitely making a comeback. I for one, am ecstatic. Great print, great fit, just great.

My favorite shot of the bunch, those bloomers do a lot of talking. And I am certainly listening. Sexy, understated and a beautiful color, that's how you bring back boho in today's terms.

All together, an expected but ultimately well serviced shoot. Next time Lauren, if you really want to make a big splash back into the public sphere, do something fresh à la Emily Blunt and try something out of your comfort zone. Let's shake things up, you hear?

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