Saturday, April 7, 2012

Listening to Who?!: Pentatonix, You Da One (Rihanna cover)

Yes I know, it's another Pentatonix video. Sue me, I love this group. They did a much better job of putting together an eye catching style this time. Though completely haphazard, this is at least pleasing to the eye with its mixture of color and patterns. Much better Kirsti! I would prefer a better hat on Scott. It's a bit too boxy and tall for him, but that's really a minor quibble. Avi is the standout of the group, I think his outfit is eye catching and completely put together. I think Mitch would have fared better with a colored sweater vest, or at least something with a very minor pattern. His look is fairly stale. I would also love to see a loose tie on Kevin, perhaps skinny and colored. But really I just love listening to them, and love their version of this song.

Live folks! This is a LIVE freakin' video.
They are beyond amazing.

Great improvement on the style factor guys. Keep it up.

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