Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Step and Repeat: Ricki Noel Lander at the Life Happens Premiere

Ricki Noel Lander

An unknown, burgeoning actress may still be a nebula, but that certainly doesn't mean she can't look the part of a true star. Too bad Ricki hasn't learned that lesson yet. She's made a few well known mistakes here. Here is a beautiful woman who looks average due to a washed out color palatte and ill advised styling. Let's break it down.

Most women in Hollywood have a difficult time trying to find the delicate balance between age appropriateness and societal expectations, however Ricki is definitely on the should be worn by a preteen, early teenager side here. She's a young, virile woman who can pull off most looks, but honey, 13 isn't one of them. Now I love a good ballet skirt, reminds me of childhood, (clue number 1), and what woman isn't intrigued with tulle? But if you're going to work a younger skewing look like that, pair it with something more sophisticated, like a blazer and a collared shirt (not of the Peter Pan variety), and a cool statement necklace. A white loose fitting tank, only hearkens back to the barre. I will say that I love that Ricki attempted an interesting shoe pairing rather than the overly tired nude platform. I just wish she would have got the coloring right. Green was a cool choice with the pale pink, but the green she chose is too bold. She needed a lighter, dustier green to match the look, think chartreuse rather than kelly. If she wanted to go the ever popular pop of color route, she could have chosen a bold red, or purple to liven up her look. Just say no to clashing green, just say no.

Try, try again Ricki. I'm sure you'll get another invitation...

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