Saturday, May 19, 2012

Step and Repeat: Freida Pinto at the Cannes Film Festival

Freida Pinto in Salvatore Ferragarmo

Freida, you cute little thing you. This is an adorable look, eye catching and appropriate. However, I wish the fit in the bust was a little better. The graphic quality of the skirt is mesmerizing and jealousy inducing. Seriously, I want that! The vivid blue and white colors go so well with your skin tone. The shoes are interesting, but a little bland and matchy. I think a strong peep-toe pump in a complementary metallic shade would have added a bit more pizzazz without pulling too much focus. But I get it, strappy sandals are all the rage right now. And those are some fierce shoes, I just don't think they add as much as they should to the overall look.

The makeup is understated but lovely. It would have been better served with a hairstyle that required a little more effort than a firm hair tie. I get that the afternoon photo calls are more casual and less pressurized, but girl... that, is going to the grocery store hair. Give me something like a soft unkempt updo perhaps featuring a braid or two to mimic the graphic nature of the dress. At least something more than hair, after house work.

 Overall though, a lovely look Freida. Nicer jewelry would have been a better statement, perhaps a couple bangles or an interesting cuff? In the end, I love the youthful quality to it, get it girl while you still can. Next time just try and schedule a fitting and hair appointment in beforehand. Alright?

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