Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspired BY: James Dean

How much do I love James Dean? I can't even begin to articulate the answer. I am continually inspired by Dean's innate sexiness, rugged persona and wild nature. His style is clean, structured and simple in the best of ways. 

As I have stated before, I love the wild abandon to his style, as best emulated by the tucked in collar. His look has been replicated by various sources over and over throughout the decades. However, he is still the original, the best.

This poster has hung in my home as inspiration for years, what inspiration do you keep near and dear?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Art Of Selling: My Dior S/S 12 Campaign

Raquel Zimmerman for My Dior, Fine Jewelry

Stunning would be the word I would use to describe this picture, shot by the fabulous Steven Meisel. Dior has chosen to do a series of jewelry looks for their new My Dior fine jewelry line. I love the simplicity to the styling, the makeup, the hair, in this first image. Simply stunning. I think this is a job well done, the jewelry stands out, and isn't competing with itself for attention, each has its place. The look is relatable, and gives the consumer a sense of possibility. This could be you! 
Now here is where it gets tricky.

With each new set of jewelry, the makeup, hairstyle and feel to the image changes. Which under different circumstances would be a fabulous idea. However, as beautiful as the aforementioned image is, I don't think it sells the jewelry as much as the previous shot. The jewelry is too similar in both cases, so the images will always be compared. Raquel looks stunning, but the jewelry doesn't pop as much with this look.

This feels very Dior to me, elegant and interesting with an old world classicism to it. This image works better than the previous one because their is a hint of difference to the jewelry. I love the addition of the stones to the beautiful weave. Though the hair and makeup might be fighting a bit for attention with the jewelry, the image still stands out as striking and intriguing.

The final image hearkens back to the original, and though beautiful, not as eye-catching as the first image in the series. I do love the simplicity to the look, but here it might have gone overboard into too simple. The jewelry has such elegance to it, a little more effort to the hair would have been better suited. Overall, it is an interesting campaign that will definitely catch the eye of the consumer. The repetition of the cuff and ring combo will certainly make its make mark by the end of the series and leave the audience wanting more. Perhaps enough to buy? Here's hoping. 

For more information, click here.
Photos courtesy of Dior

Step and Repeat: Freida Pinto at the Cannes Film Festival

Freida Pinto in Salvatore Ferragarmo

Freida, you cute little thing you. This is an adorable look, eye catching and appropriate. However, I wish the fit in the bust was a little better. The graphic quality of the skirt is mesmerizing and jealousy inducing. Seriously, I want that! The vivid blue and white colors go so well with your skin tone. The shoes are interesting, but a little bland and matchy. I think a strong peep-toe pump in a complementary metallic shade would have added a bit more pizzazz without pulling too much focus. But I get it, strappy sandals are all the rage right now. And those are some fierce shoes, I just don't think they add as much as they should to the overall look.

The makeup is understated but lovely. It would have been better served with a hairstyle that required a little more effort than a firm hair tie. I get that the afternoon photo calls are more casual and less pressurized, but girl... that, is going to the grocery store hair. Give me something like a soft unkempt updo perhaps featuring a braid or two to mimic the graphic nature of the dress. At least something more than hair, after house work.

 Overall though, a lovely look Freida. Nicer jewelry would have been a better statement, perhaps a couple bangles or an interesting cuff? In the end, I love the youthful quality to it, get it girl while you still can. Next time just try and schedule a fitting and hair appointment in beforehand. Alright?

[Photo credit: Getty]

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Listening to Who?!: Pentatonix, You Da One (Rihanna cover)

Yes I know, it's another Pentatonix video. Sue me, I love this group. They did a much better job of putting together an eye catching style this time. Though completely haphazard, this is at least pleasing to the eye with its mixture of color and patterns. Much better Kirsti! I would prefer a better hat on Scott. It's a bit too boxy and tall for him, but that's really a minor quibble. Avi is the standout of the group, I think his outfit is eye catching and completely put together. I think Mitch would have fared better with a colored sweater vest, or at least something with a very minor pattern. His look is fairly stale. I would also love to see a loose tie on Kevin, perhaps skinny and colored. But really I just love listening to them, and love their version of this song.

Live folks! This is a LIVE freakin' video.
They are beyond amazing.

Great improvement on the style factor guys. Keep it up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspired BY: The Nineties

Oh 90s grunge. How I miss you so.

Today's inspiration comes from my childhood, the 90s. Specifically the early to mid 90s grunge period. I derive a good amount of inspiration from this era. It's so sexy and raw with a solid air of rebellion mixed in for good measure. Granted it could just be the Dawson's Creek phase I'm going through right now, but that's a whole other story. Perhaps it's just the nostalgia rearing its head as I approach my 30s, but I am living for the music of the 90s, the fashion, the movies and television, etc. Give me a good babydoll or granny dress and boots, press play to some Garbage, and I'm set.
Sue me, I yearn for plaid tied around the waist lately.

So my question to you is, what from the 90s are you yearning for?

Courtney Love
Fiona Apple, Criminal Music Video

Kurt Cobain

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011
Vena Cava Fall 2011

Claire Danes in My So Called Life

Waynes World

Listening to Who?!: The Civil Wars, Poison & Wine


This is the Civil Wars. If you don't know them, you are certainly missing out. Their quick rise to the collective consciousness has been exciting to witness. Between multiple Grammys and major tours with Adele, these two have been non stop in the music scene since their inception a couple years ago. With haunting voices, and harmonies between them, their melodic style is all their own. The video for their first foray into the public sphere clearly cemented their image to the public. These two are like their music, old fashioned in a modern world. In the best sense. Their looks are classic and stand out amongst the crowd. My only minor quibble with the style is with her belt. I agree that a belt defined her waist nicely and completes the look, however I think one with a nicer fabric would have given it a higher quality feel. I almost think a metallic, or jewelry inspired belt would have been an interesting choice as well, giving it an old world quality in tone with the video.

All in all, a great video from a great group with a great look.

Step and Repeat: Rihanna at the Battleship Premiere, Japan

Rihanna in Emilio Pucci

Oh Rihanna, you rebel you. How I enjoy your ever changing hairstyles and don't give a *insert the blank here* attitude. Good on you for attempting the pant suit trend sweeping the runways these days. But dear, of all people, you should know that with risks come major rewards or major failures. This ensemble leans more towards a major failure I believe.

Listen, I am all for pants on the red carpet, but a well fitted suit and pajama pants are entirely different creatures. The color is lovely on her skin tone, and the brocade is fantastically on trend. However, the fit of suit is absolutely not flattering. Here is a woman that has one of the best bodies in the business, and you wouldn't be able to tell under that mess of fabric around her mid section. The shoes are essentially non-existent, a black pump would have been a bolder choice, adding punctuation to the look. She is pulling a female Hugh Hefner with this outfit, and though it's an interesting idea, the greatness got lost in execution.

A slimmer fit, would have done wonders, taking it out of the bedroom onto the red(blue) carpet. This picture shows the possibility of what it could be, but head on the outfit is a downright mess.
Lovely, eye catching jewelry she has. I applaud the fact that she went for larger pieces, they add to the inverted va va voom look she was going for. Though the fabric is beautiful, it is obviously not meant to be worn for a lengthy amount of time. Hello wrinkles.

In the end, she accomplished her goal and stood out from the crowd of beautiful people. I am positive this look will be polarizing, you'll either love it or hate it.

Guess which side I'm on.

[Photo credit: Getty]