Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Listening to Who?!: The Civil Wars, Poison & Wine


This is the Civil Wars. If you don't know them, you are certainly missing out. Their quick rise to the collective consciousness has been exciting to witness. Between multiple Grammys and major tours with Adele, these two have been non stop in the music scene since their inception a couple years ago. With haunting voices, and harmonies between them, their melodic style is all their own. The video for their first foray into the public sphere clearly cemented their image to the public. These two are like their music, old fashioned in a modern world. In the best sense. Their looks are classic and stand out amongst the crowd. My only minor quibble with the style is with her belt. I agree that a belt defined her waist nicely and completes the look, however I think one with a nicer fabric would have given it a higher quality feel. I almost think a metallic, or jewelry inspired belt would have been an interesting choice as well, giving it an old world quality in tone with the video.

All in all, a great video from a great group with a great look.

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