Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stomping the Runway: G.V.G.V. Fall RTW 2012

The G.V.G.V. brand designer, Mug, showed the latest fall collection recently in an underground parking lot littered with glitter and a runway. The collection is bold and speaks to the current consciousness in fashion, from menswear inspired looks to form fitting peplum dresses, to ornate fabrics and embellishments. G.V.G.V. hit all the necessary bases all the while maintaining an old school feel.

I love the 80s power bitch suits, and the updated Cosby sweaters. The styling in the show ran the gamut from stellar sweater combos to absolutely hideous fur lined looks. Just, no. I am not a fan of the sparkly tights with every look, I think they worked fine in some respects but got tired after awhile. Stick with the tights theme, but break it up alright.

With a couple bombs, um hello bright blue fur coat, have you met big bird; a few misses, I am looking at you ill fitting suit 2nd row from the bottom, and a good amount of hits, oh yes gold skirt on the bottom row, your whole look is coming home with me; G.V.G.V. certainly put on a show.

Just stay away from grandma's pant suit in the 3rd row, that one screams Miami retirement home.

To see the rest of the collection, check this out.

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